Mission Shopping

We all love browsing and buying miniatures, but shopping can be extra fun when you are searching for specific items to fill a space. That was my mission last month in Chicago as I selected items for my newest commission by Mulvany & Rogers, Savage Manor. The 1/12-scale residence will reflect where my ancestor Thomas Savage, appointed Archbishop of York by King Henry VII, may have lived and I am so excited to furnish it. I also picked up a couple other items that I’m thrilled to share with you here.

021blogWassail bowl by Henny Staring-Egberts: Thomas Savage would very likely have had a piece like this, whether he purchased it himself or received it as a gift. Wassail is an Old English beverage described as a “hot mulled punch” and is traditionally served from these types of bowls. It will sit very nicely on a table in the Dining Room of the manor. Henny, an IGMA Fellow from the Netherlands, specializes in authentic miniature Delftware and Chinese and Japanese porcelain and her work is exceptional. There are several of her tulip vases in the Fine Arts Rotunda of the gallery.


Silver bedwarmer by William R. Robertson: This Tudor bedwarmer will go by a fireplace in one of the Savage Manor bedrooms. Bill’s superb quality in making historical miniature items is well known, 090so it was a must to have his work represented in the collection’s newest commission.

Plique-a-jour box by Diane Echnoz Almeyda: I have always wanted a high-end piece created by Diane and this lidded box made of blue enamel, 18kt gold and sapphires was the piece I was waiting for. I knew immediately that it would be displayed in the Great Hall or Grand Bedroom of Savage Manor. Here’s an interview with Diane explaining her intricate plique-a-jour technique.


115whiteBlue lapis bowl by Stephan Wein: I fell in love with this piece by Stephan as I am attracted to anything made from blue lapis. I have several pieces from the German maker, many of which are featured in Catherine Palace. I am still deciding where this piece may make its forever home, possibly in the palace with the next item, also made by Stephan.




Amber objet d’art by Stephan Wein: This piece just looks like it belongs in Catherine Palace, doesn’t it? Made from silver, amber, enamel and freshwater pearls, it stands less than three inches high and took Stephan 40 hours to create. It will fit nicely in the Amber Room which will soon be featured on a popular TV show. (Sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy.) This is truly an exciting time for the collection to be a part of the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the original Amber Room that disappeared during World War II. Has it possibly been found? Stay tuned.

I’m honored to be able to add all these pieces to the KSB Miniatures Collection. As summer approaches, I hope you’ll have time to visit to see these and the thousands of other fine art miniatures on display. You may even find yourself doing your own shopping in the miniatures section of the museum gift shop.    Kayesignature

Posted on May 4, 2017 in Collecting Miniatures