Collecting Miniatures

  • The Miniature That Broke the Mold

    The Whittier by Noel and Pat Thomas has many stories to tell, but they are not mine. They belong to the collector who commissioned it—Sarah Salisbury who passed away in 2011, to its makers Noel and Pat Thomas, who created it in the eighties, and to the many miniaturists who have since been inspired by […]

  • Miniature Miniatures

      Nell Corkin is one of the most fascinating artisans you will ever meet—personally and professionally. The IGMA Fellow has worked in film with the likes of John Dykstra, Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott, on Universal Studio rides, and on scenes using larger than life props. Since 1993, however, she has focused on the smallest of small—1/144th […]

  • G. Roberts & Son

    Over the years, Tom Roberts’ room boxes have proven to be some of the most interesting and awe-inspiring pieces in the collection. People are drawn to his eclectic style and unexpected pairings, his impeccable detail and, in many cases, his sense of humor. His scenes are perfectly overcrowded—a delight at every turn offering a childlike […]

  • Hands of Time

    Clockmakers throughout history have long been admired craftsmen and artisans. The same can be said for those who create the intricate timepieces in miniature. Here are just some of the collection’s reproductions of historic clocks from around the world. Ernie Levy The 1/12-scale lighthouse clock pictured above is a prime example of Ernie’s extraordinary work. In […]

  • Form & Function

    So many visitors to the KSB Miniatures Collection remark about the beauty and amazing detail of our pieces, but, sadly, some will never know that quite a number of our fine-scale miniatures actually function. Here are just four pieces that operate as their original counterparts. Ship Automata by Paul Briggs: English model ship builder, Paul […]

  • Young at Heart

        You don’t have to be a member of the Red Hat Society to know who they are. When a swarm of red and purple infiltrates a room and fills it with energy and laughter, everyone knows the Red Hatters are here. Founded 20 years ago by a woman who gave a friend a […]

  • A Toast to Melba

    Like many collectors, I acquire items simply because I am drawn to them. While I may try to locate a provenance for most pieces, sometimes the journey is futile. That was the case with Clermont Manor by William Bowen. Surprisingly, however, the peach-colored room box led me down a family history discovery of my very […]

  • Executive Decisions

    As I write, the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, which houses the KSB Miniatures Collection, is exhibiting Chartering Freedom. The traveling exhibition from the National Archives includes reproductions of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights—collectively known as the Charters of Freedom. I’m proud to say that two founding fathers, whose signatures […]

  • New Year, New Artisan

    I was enamored the moment I laid eyes on Victoria Morozova’s 1/12 scale interpretation of the H.O. Studley workbench. The Russian artisan presented it at the Miniature Masterworks show in September and I was the lucky one to take the extraordinary piece home. It was her first time in the States and this is the […]

  • Christmas at the Harrietta Plantation

    Christmas decorating always brings out the best in me. It goes back to my childhood. My mother went all out for the holidays and my father also enjoyed the festive preparations. It became a tradition in itself, always occurring on the day school let out for Christmas vacation. We had 12-foot ceilings at the townhome […]